​VT-1506     $1,512.00 per gallon

This is the High Temperature fluid that functions better in hotter running pumps.  The Edwards RV series and and larger CFM pumps.

If your Pump is being properly trapped and the oil is getting dark or thick, you may need this High Temp. fluid.  Normally if the pump is operating over 170 Deg. F you may need a High Temperature 

This Premium Oil is of the highest quality.  It will function well in All small and medium Scientific Vacuum Pumps. 

Vapor Pressure < 1 X 10 -4  Torr

VT-19     $38.00  per gallon

VT-1525     $1,512.00 per gallon

VT-77         $64.00 per gallon

VT-19 Ultra      ​$ 54.00 per gallon

VT-43    ​$64.90 Per Gallon

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Euless, TX  76040



​VT-45       $152.00 per gallon


Fluid & Oil

VT-145ZX  $142.00 per gallon