Only certified technicians should make ajustments to pumps in order to avoid more costly repairs

Quote for Repair

​​Rebuild Cost Estimate​:

Upon inspection there is no charge if the pump is not feasible to rebuild.  If this is the case, it will be shipped back with no Labor charge & only shipping. If the pump is able to be rebuilt, and customer declines to rebuild the pump there will be an inspection charge in addition to shipping.

Major Rebuild & Pricing​:

Major rebuild includes all parts listed that apply to the equipment: vanes, springs, pins, seals, valves, bearings, O-rings, gaskets, and labor.

Evaluation Process:

First, the equipment is tested in the condition it arrives. This is to duplicate or verify the customer’s problem. Technicians must detect a defect for the repair to proceed.
Second, a cost estimate will be submitted to the customer if the equipment is repairable.
Finally, if the customer approves the repair and submits payment arrangements in order for the repairs to begin. 

All Parts and Labor Used Carry a Manufactures New Warranty

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